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Free Web Site Monitoring

added as additional Pacific-Tier Communications service.  Click HERE for details on a very powerful, yet inexpensive way to keep your web site up and operating.


Need a Website for Your Non-Profit Organization?

Contact Pacific-Tier Communications.  We have limited space available to offer needy social groups or organizations requiring web presence.  Send a note to

for more details.









Free Network Monitoring

Your web site or web service is an essential part of not only your commercial activities - but also your identity.  You cannot afford to lose your web site due to down time, or poor performance on the part of your network provider.

Pacific-Tier can help ensure your web remains active through 24x7 website monitoring and notification management for your website and ecommerce service.  We will notify you either through an email message or SMS/Text message to your mobile phone in the event your website fails for any reason.  In addition, as we monitor from two independent international locations, Pacific-Tier can also tell you how your end user experience is when using your site.

Free Service Notifications:

  • Website Down/Up
  • Content Changed
  • Website Performance Out of Specification (Network Delay)

Website Monitoring is done either through checking simple web presence, or through checking content in individual pages.  This is also a good check to ensure there is no tampering with your web site or malicious activity meant to embarrass your company.  If your site is supporting eCommerce activity -- even lost minutes translate into potential lost sales.

End user experience is nearly as important as availability, as your users will simply not stay with your site if downloads take too long.  They will move on to the next company or vendor of your products and services.  If you are in a developing country, poor performance or lost service is even more acute, as even individual local or international sales are critical to your survival and success.

Pacific-Tier will monitor 24x7x365, ensuring while you sleep, we are watching.  In addition, if your ISP is not performing up to expectations, we will assist you with documentation proving both availability and performance.  We are professional network systems design and operations consultants, thus you will have a wealth of experience available if your network, web strategy, or ecommerce planning justifies additional support.

Our system is fully automated, thus we can provide service at a very low monthly fee - a fraction of what other providers would charge.  If you require additional monitoring services beyond our free service, send us a note or call for details on how we can customize your website monitoring.

Website Monitoring is done once every 15 minutes.  If you need more frequent checks, we can do up to one every 10 seconds - however more frequent checks will incur a service charge.  This is due to adding excessive loads to the network as needed to monitor your page or application.  Reports are distributed either real time for network or website events, or at the end of each week and end of month. 

Additional reports are available real time through export of XML into your own portal or web.  We may need to get authorization from you to present to your ISP if there is a need for high volume performance checking.  Pacific-Tier will only honor requests from the owner or webmaster of individual sites.

Pacific-Tier will add additional utilities for server monitoring in early 2004, including monitoring SMTP, POP, FTP, TELNET, and any other port or application.  These server monitoring and additional network monitoring utilities will be available by May 2004.

This service provides an excellent means for new webmasters to evaluate the performance of their websites

NOTE ON LOCATIONS:  There are many website monitoring services on the net.  Some services monitor from many different international locations.  We believe it is only necessary to monitor from 2 locations, as this will give a very good indication of your server or service availability.  Failures on individual networks may only indicate a single service provider in that country or monitoring location is having difficulty, and may not be significant for you service management.  If you need monitoring from more than 2 international locations Pacific-Tier will be happy to introduce you to a more expensive monitoring service -- however enjoy Pacific-Tier's free service while you evaluate your needs.

Reports Available (Reports will Incur Charge):

Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Annual

  • Summary and detailed network performance in HTML
  • Summary and detailed reports in XML
  • Summary and detailed reports in CSV

Monitoring Locations:

  • United States (Los Angeles)
  • United Kingdom (London)

Sample Notifications and Reports

These reports are highly customizable -- here are two samples

FREE SERVICE:  If you would like to try this website monitoring service send a note to with your desired URL, contact information, and notification details (SMS/email gateway, etc).  We'll set up monitoring within 24 hours and do a couple test notifications to show how the monitoring can give you the assurance your site is available.  Pacific-Tier may contact the webmaster for your desired site to ensure we are not assisting any malicious activity. Please refer to our TERMS OF SERVICE

Special Note on Website MonitoringPacific-Tier can monitor either site availability, or we can monitor specific content.  This allows us to quickly determine if your site has been modified, hacked, or changed by malicious intent.  This is an extra value-added feature that will quickly alert you to the potential of embarrassing problems, or possible information resource and security compromise.  The free service is for basic notifications of your site status.  Reporting and other requirements will incur a small charge -- send us a note for details.  We can also set up a customized monitoring plan which includes applications such as your mail server, FTP, or other applications.  However the free service is just that - FREE.  Give it a try.

Pacific-Tier can also build a custom monitoring program to meet your specific needs.  Let us know what your requirements are, and we'll evaluate.  Once we know the scope of your monitoring requirement we'll make a recommendation for your web site.  (

Would you like to purchase a copy of our monitoring software? Click HERE for details

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