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Pacific-Tier Communications has recently engaged in several data center consolidation and cloud computing projects in developing economies, including Benin, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Moldova. For the past few months we've focused on projects involving enterprise architecture and cloud computing. Pacific-Tier Communications LLC believes cloud computing is here to stay, and is committed to helping our clients better understand the impact of cloud computing on their organizations through training and certification programs. Keep up with our blog for the latest news in tech innovation topics and Pacific-Tier Communications activities.


writing padSeptember 2014 will bring more travel both within the US, as well as locations outside of the US including the Philippines and Egypt. In July we added the Open Group's Open FAIR (Factored Analysis for Information Risk) to our capabiliities, adding Risk Management and Assessment to our services.

This is the year of a marriage of cloud computing, enterprise architecture, interoperability, big data,  SOAs, and effective disaster management.  Really exciting advances in both technology, and business use of technology will drive exciting innovation - join us on the journey! 

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In 2014 the bl
og will begin to explore and focus on enterprise architecture, service-oriented cloud computing infrastructure, and big data. Should be a great year for innovation and technology development.

The blog is alive again, split between tech-related topics and some hyper-local issues within Burbank, California. In partnership with myBurbank we started a new series on "Innovators and Entrepreneurs" within the city of Burbank.
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